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Letter from Taddy

Thank you all for visiting my website! My name is Taddy, I’m really nice, and I’m asking for your help. I have this huge debt from my failed business and I need $20,000 to pay it off. So if you have an extra dollar or two, please send it my way.

Over the last few years I’ve run up a large credit card bill living extravagantly, thinking my business profits would not only remain steady, but continue to grow. Maybe it was ordering too many sports channels that pushed me over the edge, or maybe it was the Death Star BBQ Grill that I bought on eBay. Who knows! My debt just got larger and larger, and here I am today with a huge monthly payment.

I’m done with my frivolous ways. I’ve stopped buying designer #22 jerseys. I’ve stopped ordering venti salted caramel mocha frappuccino’s with extra caramel sauce pumps from Starbucks. I decided that I really DO like Dunkin Donuts. It really does taste just as good. And cheap replica t-shirts are actually kind of cool. I’ve done my part, now I need you to do yours. I believe the world is a good place, and if someone needs a helping hand, they should ask for it. Can you help?

Please help me pay my debt. I am nice. I am cheery. I am the guy that makes you smile. I didn’t hurt anyone by spending too much money. I was actually stimulating the economy, and in the process I made some cam models very happy. Donate $1, or $5, or hell, donate $20 if you want. I promise that everything received will go towards paying off my debt.

I’ve made some mistakes but I’ve righted the ship and want to change my ways. I believe in Karma. If you help me, then someday someone might pay it forward when you need it. So please help me, and maybe someday, I’ll be able to help you.