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No, this site is NOT for real.

The savetaddy.com and taddymason.com website(s) is/are a collection of parody/fan sites related to a character appearing on the Rick and Morty adult cartoon television program, and the content is borrowed from and/or inspired by the now defunct cyber-begging site SaveKaryn.com. The owner of this website makes no claims of ownership to any part of this lampoon. This is all for fun.

While the donation checkout is functional, any actual monetary donations received will go right into this greedy owners pocket to increase his own Rick and Morty t-shirt and paraphernalia collection, and not Taddy Mason. To put it bluntly, save your money! 🙂

If you really want to show your support for this parody website, the below product links have an embedded Amazon Affiliate ID in them that will benefit the site owner as well as those being parodied.

Here’s a link to a bunch of Rick and Morty crap that you can buy.

For anyone under 25, pull up a chair and listen to my tale. A long time ago in the earlier days of the commercial internet, cyber-begging was a real thing for a very short time. The most popular (and arguably most successful) website in this niche was SaveKaryn.com. She even wrote a book about it called Save Karyn – One Shopaholic’s Journey to Debt and Back. Check it out, but don’t get any ideas. This is Taddy’s turf now.